I did not manage to charge my Bluetooth watch

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If your device blinks or vibrates during charging, but does not charge, that means that its battery is completely discharged during transportation or storage. To recover it follow these steps:

  1. Enable the power supply.
  2. Disable the power supply until the vibration motor enables (about 1 sec).
  3. Repeat this procedure several times.
  4. Depending on how low the battery is, the duration of repetitions may last up to 1min.
  5. After the charging has started, charge the device to 100%.
  6. Connect your device to Canyon Life App, go to your device settings, and install the latest firmware update.

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    Important note: To avoid problems with charging, never let the watch battery run out completely.

    If you did not manage to recover the battery, please, contact your shop for warranty support.

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