The smart-watch does not detect my location correctly

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For CNE-KW21 users:

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This device tracks your location using LBS technology, i.e., using mobile communication cells. Location-based service (LBS) utilizes geographic data and information to provide services or information to users.

The LBS technology is not perfect. The location directly depends on the number of cellular stations in the direction-finding area of the device. The more stations there are, the more accurate the coordinates are.

The mismatch can be as large as possible in cases when a few stations are overloaded with a large number of subscribers, the LBS device will connect to neighbouring stations, and in some cases at a long distance. The connection will be weaker and LBS will show the wrong location (within neighbouring station radius).

For CNE-KW51 and CNE-ST01 users:

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Go outside to pick up the location via GPS.

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