I did not manage to pair my Bluetooth Smart Watch to my smartphone.

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If you have an Android smartphone

When you try to find your Smart Watch in Canyon Life application and you can see the message “No device found”:

Image 5

This may mean that you have already paired your Smart Watch in your smartphone Settings. Do not pair your Smart Watch directly in Android Settings as Bluetooth device here. If your Smart Watch is paired in Android Settings, unpair it in the list “PAIRED DEVICES”. In the example below a paired device is SW74 Smart Watch.

Image 7

If you see your Smart Watch in the list “PAIRED DEVICES”, unpair it and pair only in Canyon Life application like this: Unpair device -> OK -> Pair Bluetooth Device -> Add Device.

Image 8

Image 9

If you have an IOS iPhone

Open Canyon Life application. When you see "No device found" message, press "Pair Bluetooth device".

Prepare your smartphone and your smart watch as shown on the picture below. Then press "Start".

Image 11

When you see your device (SW 74 as in the example) in the list, press "Add device".

Image 12

When you get "Bluetooth Pairing Request", press "Pair".

Image 13

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