Questions regarding the fitness band Canyon "Smart Coach" SB-75

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I start the ECG recording by selecting the watch menu, but I do not see the results

Open the Canyon Life app, go to the "Pulse" section and click on "Measure ECG." You will see the list of all recordings launched both in the application and from the watch.

Select the required time interval to view the results of the measurement you are interested in.

Wait a few minutes after recording. The watch needs some time to transfer the entire amount of information to the phone.

"Bad contact" error message appears during the ECG recording

Wet the connections, and then re-measure.

I can access only the function of viewing an ECG in the Canyon Life app. The "Trainer" function requires authorization

The "Trainer" function works only through the user authorization logic. It is related to the necessity of personalization for processing, storing, and restoring results.

The "Trainer" function is not available without authorization.

I recorded an ECG, but there is no new data in the Canyon Life app, or the section is empty

Wait a few minutes after measuring. The watch takes some time to transfer the entire amount of information to the phone, from the phone to the server, and return it.

Ensure that your phone is connected to the Internet (via 3G / 4G mobile Internet or Wi-FI.) Processing ECG results for the "Trainer" function is impossible without data transfer.

There is too much delay in processing ECG data

Check your internet connection speed.

The virtual "trainer" advice changed dramatically, although very little time has passed between the ECG measurements

Compliance with the instruction for taking an ECG affects both conclusions of the virtual "trainer" and the quality of the cardiogram itself.

The ECG obtained in the ECG results file is too short, ragged, or without pronounced "peaks"

Make sure the ECG was recorded strictly in accordance with the instruction. Make sure that when taking an ECG, the watch or the program does not display the message "Bad Contact." Ensure that the watch is on the same hand as indicated in the app (it is advisable to put on the watch on the left hand for ECG recording).

I sent the ECG result to my doctor but received a reply that this ECG is useless

SmartCoach is not a medical device. We do not recommend using it for medical purposes. However, this does not mean that the ECG is useless.

The "Trainer" function works based on processing the received ECGs using AI and machine learning.

You can see the result of this work in the "Trainer" tab. This will allow you to expand the possibilities of individual self-control during training.

I turn on the ECG recording but don't receive an output.

Make sure to precisely follow the instructions on the screen of your smartphone or watch. Make sure to place your opposite finger on the outer contact. In this case, the hands should not touch each other. The watch should fit snugly on the wrist, entirely latching the skin by the backside.

Make sure your watch is paired with your phone through the Canyon Life app. The watch is only a device for measuring ECG. Without the Canyon Life app, it is impossible to see/process the ECG result.

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